I founded my first small business with two women, one of whom I served with in Iraq.

I not only believe in women’s equality, but I’ve championed women at every stage of my life. 

At my small business, we insisted on providing paid family leave and equal pay. This should be the norm across our nation.  I unequivocally support women’s rights to make their own healthcare decisions – I am pro-choice and a staunch defender of women’s access to reproductive healthcare.

I’m committed to standing shoulder-to-shoulder with women in the fight for equality. Women have always been at the forefront of progress, and since the election of Donald Trump we have seen a renewed spotlight and commitment to women’s issues – from the Women’s March on Washington to the #MeToo movement.

Nevertheless, Trump, Faso and congressional Republicans continue to try to pull us backwards. I will fight against all attacks on women’s rights for equal pay and choice in their healthcare decisions.

Pro-women policies I support:

  • Support Planned Parenthood & allow women to make their own healthcare decisions
  • Equal pay and paid family leave
  • Ending harassment and violence against women
  • Supporting women-owned businesses