My parents both retired recently. My grandmother lives in an assisted living facility in Kingston, made possible through my grandfather’s VA benefits, which we had to fight for her to receive. 

Protecting Social Security and Medicare is deeply personal to me.

Donald Trump and Republicans have no right to play with the promise of Social Security and Medicare, which Americans have earned through a lifetime of hard work.

After passing their tax scam, Trump and the GOP have set their sights on the majority of Americans’ path to stable retirement and healthcare. Gutting these programs and taking away benefits from seniors who have been working their entire lives is not just morally wrong, it’s bound to create an economic disaster.  

I will fight any budget that makes cuts to Social Security or Medicare and will oppose any efforts to privatize either of these programs. Corporations should not profit off our health and well-being. We’ve got to protect our seniors and ensure these programs continue into the future.

I vow to:

  • Protect Seniors from Republican attacks against Medicare, Social Security, and Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Protect seniors from financial fraud