While serving in Iraq, I had the privilege of working side-by-side with Ali, my Iraqi interpreter. Ali risked his life and spent time away from his own family to protect American soldiers. When Ali decided to come to the US, I knew his service proved he deserved a shot at the American dream.

It wasn’t easy — I had to fight for years to get Ali and his wife here, and they are still fighting for visas for their children, along with thousands of other interpreters. Trump’s Muslim ban was a despicable way to repay their sacrifice. Though the ban has been amended to let Iraqis in, it’s not enough.

Shutting people out based on religion or their country’s name goes against the American values we risked our lives to defend. When these values are under attack, we have to stand up. That’s why protesters took to the streets last year. And that’s why I’m running for Congress today. Our nation was built on immigrants. It’s what makes us so special – the promise that your values and ideals, not your race, gender, religion, or class, are what make you an American.

Today, there are millions of immigrants working hard, going to school, raising families, and serving in our military who are being threatened with exile from the place they call home. No person should have to live with this cloud looming over them, and Congress needs to do its part in passing comprehensive immigration reform.

I’m committed to:

  • Draft and pass a clean Dream Act
  • Finally pass comprehensive immigration reform