I grew up in a union household. My mom was a public school teacher and proud union member for 30 years.

I know the value of the labor movement and have always been a staunch defender of the right to organize, fighting for a living wage, and protecting benefits and pensions.

Washington turned their back on working people, and now it’s actively working to suppress workers’ wages and cripple unions. I know how important it is for families to get the most out of their paycheck, which is why I’m committed to bringing change that puts power back in the worker – not corporations.

  • Fighting for fair wages to increase minimum wage to $15
  • Protect Davis-Bacon act and Prevailing wage laws
  • Maintain Project Labor Agreement requirements for federal projects
  • Increase funding to better enforce worker misclassification laws
  • Support fair trade deals that demand commitments to human rights and environmental protections
  • Oppose federal right to work