The most important lesson I was taught in the military was that we take care of everyone – we don’t leave anyone behind.

My soldiers and I were taken care of with quality healthcare.

After my service, I felt the same insecurity and worry that so many people in our community have, when I was between jobs and didn’t have healthcare. No one should ever have to feel like that. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, I had access to healthcare and was able to take the risk of starting my own company.

Knocking on doors across our district, people share how they felt when the weight of the worry of healthcare was lifted off their shoulders with the ACA and how much anxiety they feel about Trump & Faso taking their healthcare away again.

I will stand up to the Trump administration, Republicans in Congress, and their special interest supporters to protect our healthcare and work towards common-sense, bipartisan proposals that we can pass now to bring much-needed relief to millions of Americans.

Policies we can put in place immediately:

  • Allow everyone to opt-in to Medicare
  • Lower Medicare age to 55
  • Criminalize pharmaceutical price-gouging
  • Empower Medicare Part D to negotiate drug prices