As a combat veteran and son of a school teacher, gun violence prevention is deeply personal to me.

I’ve seen the devastation that assault weapons can cause firsthand and know how easily they can fall into the wrong hands. I will not accept that a weapon of war I carried on the battlefield can be bought and sold on our streets and used to gun down our children.

Yet, Trump and our Republican Congress continue to take funding from and cower to the gun lobby. We’ve seen no real movement on this issue, all so gun manufacturers can continue to make profits.  

I was the first candidate in my race to come out strong on gun violence prevention. I published an op-ed calling for action and hosted a Town Hall in our community, which Faso wouldn’t even show up for.

I’m committed to passing common-sense legislation including banning assault weapons and blocking domestic abusers and violent offenders from obtaining guns.

I’ve been around responsible gun owners in our district my entire life, and I know that most of them will be allies in this fight.

Common Sense Gun Violence Prevention Policies I support:

  • Banning assault-style weapons
  • Universal background checks
  • Banning bump stocks
  • Banning high capacity magazines
  • Preventing straw purchases
  • No-buy lists for domestic abusers and suspected terrorists
  • Allow the CDC to study gun violence and provide funding for studies