My mom was a public school teacher for thirty years.

I grew up in awe of how she built relationships with students and taught kids to read, but I also saw her facing growing challenges every year with larger class sizes and fewer resources.

As a student at West Point, I benefited from a publicly-funded education. Every child deserves a world-class education without taking on huge debts.

Providing access to high-quality schools to all Americans, regardless of their backgrounds, will lead to a stronger economy and live up to the American ideal of equal opportunity. To do this, we must adequately fund public schools instead of focusing on vouchers and charter schools.

We need to increase teacher salaries so that teaching remains a sustainable career choice, attracting and retaining the best teachers. We must also invest in closing the skills gap and ensuring that vocational and trade schools have the means to offer flexible training to Americans at any stage of their lives.

My education policy priorities:

  • Investing in public education from pre-k to college
  • Closing the skills gap by funding free 2 year community college and partnering with labor unions and vocational schools
  • Fixing the student loan crisis by supporting Senator Warren’s bill to allow students to refinance on college loans