I’m focused on supporting small businesses, labor unions, and workers — not big corporations.

Shortly after I returned from Iraq, we experienced the worst economic recession in a lifetime. Seniors lost their savings, families lost their homes, and businesses across the nation had to close their doors. Since then, our economy has grown by $4 trillion and the stock market has quadrupled, but only a privileged few have benefited. Middle-class families are still struggling, and it’s clear that our economy doesn’t work for everyone.

Corporations and special interests have too much influence in our politics and government, and as a result, the gap between the rich and the middle class is getting too wide.  I support a progressive tax plan that funds key investments in people and makes the wealthy and big businesses pay their fair share.

An economy that works for everyone has to increase take-home pay, reduce family’s costs, and promote growth for all businesses.

We need to:

  • Raise the minimum wage
  • Make corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes
  • Expand access to affordable child care
  • Make smart investments in infrastructure