Ryan running for office in the 19th Congressional District

“We’re turning our backs on each other and a lot of the values that are so core to this country and I felt like I needed to stand up and be a part of fixing that,” said Pat Ryan, a Democratic candidate in the 19th Congressional District.


Ryan, the 36-year Army veteran who has done two combat deployments to Iraq says as he runs his first political race, he thinks it’s important to remember what he was taught while he was at West Point.

“We knew we were going to lead men and women into harm’s way. By the time I graduated, we were at war in Afghanistan and Iraq and we were taught officers eat last after your soldiers. You always make sure those you are leading are taken care of and you protect them and don’t leave them behind. In this community there’s way too many people being left behind” said Ryan.

Ryan says although there are six other Democratic candidates running against him in the June primary, he’s only one that can beat Republican incumbent John Faso.

“I’m running for Congress because I look around this community where I grew up, I grew up in Kingston, and I feel like this isn’t the country I risked my life for or that I saw fellow soldiers give their life for,” said Ryan.

He says it’s very simple what he plans to — get the economy in upstate New York going again, train our youth properly, and get health care for all Americans.

“Every American has to have quality American health care. John Faso was a leader in trying to take that away. It would have affected 60,000 in this congressional district,” said Ryan.

Ryan says if he’s elected he’ll be able to look each and every one of the people in his community in the eye and feel proud of the choices he makes in office.

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