Congressional Candidate Pat Ryan Takes Pledge to Reject Corporate PAC Donations

Kingston, NY – Today Congressional candidate Pat Ryan released the following statement detailing his pledge to reject corporate PAC donations:

We just had our most successful fundraising quarter yet, and I’m very proud that we did it all without taking a single penny from corporations. I’m also proud that 72% of our donations were small donations from grassroots supporters.

“I’m running for Congress to serve my community and our nation. But as I have painfully learned over the course of this campaign, money speaks – loudly. That’s what politics has become: instead of spending time crafting policy and meeting with constituents, our candidates and sitting politicians spend far too much of their time fundraising.

“Because of rulings like Citizens United, corporations are free to funnel unlimited amounts of money to groups that can spend as much as they want to influence elections. These shadow campaigns allow candidates to hide where their support is really coming from, and they make our elections more expensive.

“We need to take a good, hard look at who is funding our elected officials. In the last year, Rep. John Faso and the shadow groups that support him have taken donations from over 70 corporations and corporate PACs.

“The only way we’re going to get our government back on track is to get big money out of politics. That’s why I’m making a pledge led by End Citizens United that I will take no money from corporations — not a single cent.

“Our current campaign finance system allows our voices to be drowned out by the the outsized influence of corporations and special interests. Money should not equal speech. We have to end Citizens United. We can guarantee that our leaders put voters first by giving the American people an equal say in the political process.”


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