“We don’t have a chance to beat John Faso unless we have Pat Ryan on the ticket. Pat and his family have deep roots here, and he really fits the district. That’s why it’s incumbent upon us right now, to make that commitment to ensure that Pat Ryan is our next Congressman.” 

            — Elliott Auerbach

Former Army Intelligence Officer and Small Business Owner Pat Ryan Receives a Round of Local Endorsements from the Gardiner Democrats and NY-19 Officials – Ulster County Comptroller Elliott Auerbach and New Paltz Deputy Supervisor Daniel Torres

Kingston, NY – Today, West Point-trained Army intelligence officer and small business owner Pat Ryan announces receiving the endorsements of the Gardiner Democrats and local officials Elliott Auerbach and Daniel Torres:

“I’m honored and humbled to receive endorsements from local leaders who are so deeply committed to our community,” said Pat Ryan. 

The Gardiner Democrats released a statement last week announcing their endorsement: “Pat is a “cross-over” candidate and a unifier.  His progressive policy priorities will win in our district and his military service, as well as his experience as a small business owner, will open doors in the counties where Trump signs dotted lawns…We admire his service, his integrity and his commitment to putting our community and country’s needs over his own interests, party or donors,” the Gardiner Democrats wrote in a statement.

Elliott Auerbach and Daniel Torres made statements last night at Ryan’s campaign headquarters opening event in Kingston:

If we have any chance of flipping the House, that battle will take place in our backyard. It will be our neighbors who will decide if it happens. Pat Ryan must be our choice as the Democratic nominee. He can unite and win this district, and I can’t think of a better person to represent us in Congress,” said Torres.

“I’m here tonight to definitively say that I’m supporting Pat Ryan,” said Auerbach. “My support of Pat is predicated on a number of things: first and foremost – his pedigree. He is a West Point Graduate, and an Army Captain with two tours of duty in the Middle East. I couldn’t think of anyone better to fight for us in Washington than a trained soldier like Pat Ryan —  he will be there to fight for the seniors, to fight for the soldiers, to fight for the students. He will stand up and protect our health care and look out for small business owners.”


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