Congressional candidate Pat Ryan has released a campaign video in which he describes his service as an Army officer in Iraq and how his experience with antiquated Army technology inspired him to design better equipment when he returned to civilian life in the U.S.

Ryan, one of six Democrats vying to challenge Republican Rep. John Faso for New York’s 19th Congressional District seat next year, says in the video that he was first deployed to Iraq in 2005 as the intelligence officer for an infantry unit of 1,000 soldiers. Those troops were stationed in a dangerous and chaotic area with 30 to 40 major attacks a day, including car bombs and suicide bombers, as Ryan recalls it.

“We were using very outdated technology technology and software, and the people who were paying the price for this were our soldiers in harm’s way at that moment. That was just unacceptable to me. We started this company to fix that – to go out and find the best software and get it out to our troops on the front lines.”

Ryan was co-founder and president of Praescient Analytics, a technology firm in Alexandria, Va. According to his campaign web site, that company “deployed cutting-edge data analytics software to our troops on the front lines to ensure every patrol going into harm’s way had the best possible information about threats and risks.” The business grew in a few years from five employees to 150 employees, over half of whom were veterans.

Ryan grew up in Kingston, attended West Point and served a total of 27 months in Iraq in two combat tours between 2005 and 2009. He left the Army with the rank of captain, and now lives in Gardiner with his wife, Rebecca.

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