For Immediate Release:
October 13, 2017

Veteran and Businessman Pat Ryan Urges Rep. Faso to Speak Out Against Trump’s Reckless Decision to Decertify the Iran Deal

Kingston, NY – West Point-trained Army intelligence officer and small business owner Pat Ryan (NY-19) released the following statement on President Trump’s announcement on the Iran deal:

“By decertifying the Iran Deal, President Trump will dismantle successful American-led diplomacy that keeps us safe. Without the deal, Iran is free to develop a nuclear weapon entirely unchecked. The Trump administration believes it can negotiate a ‘better deal,’ yet offers no evidence to show it will work. Furthermore, the U.S. cannot unilaterally demand another deal without support from our allies, whom the Trump administration continues to alienate.

“This action is the latest in a continuous string of reckless foreign policy decisions that are leading us into potential crisis, yet Rep. Faso remains silent.As President Trump puts the safety of Americans at risk, Rep. Faso continues to shirk his responsibility to protect his constituents. Unlike Faso, I will be a representative willing to take a stand when the Trump administration leads us down a path to crisis.”

Pat Ryan is a native of Kingston, NY and a West Point graduate. He served two combat tours in Iraq, and returned home to start two businesses to deliver better technology to our troops overseas. Pat resides in Gardiner, NY, with his wife, Rebecca.

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