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Revitalizing Our Economy

There is no question that we need to breathe new life into our local economy to help working families struggling across the district, and Rep. Faso has done nothing to move us forward.

We must arm workers with the tools they need to compete for good jobs in a changing economy. When I launched my business, focused on delivering better technology to our troops overseas, we started a training program to prepare veterans to succeed in the tech field. With more skills-based training programs like this, we can develop the talent necessary to attract more businesses to the district.

We need to invest in our infrastructure now to improve our roads and bridges, expand rail, and increase rural broadband access. These improvements not only improve quality of life, but also create immediate jobs right here in the district.

As a small business owner, I’ve seen how regulatory burdens can make it even tougher to survive in competition with big corporations. 97% of businesses in the district are small businesses, and we must empower them to grow by reducing regulatory burdens and improving access to capital. I’m focused on supporting small businesses, labor unions, and workers; not big corporations.

When I started my company, we made it a priority to provide paid family leave and compensate our workers fairly. Ensuring women receive equal pay for equal work is central to a family’s ability to make ends meet. Rep. Faso repeatedly voted against equal pay legislation in the New York State Assembly, and we cannot tolerate such a conscious choice to allow for discrimination. We must also support working families by expanding paid family leave so that families don’t have to choose between earning a living and caring for their children.


A good healthcare system is central to a strong community: It keeps families healthy, provides quality jobs, and allows each of us to achieve economic security.

President Trump and Rep. Faso’s plan would take healthcare away from thousands of families in the district, end protections for those with preexisting conditions, and drive up premiums. Faso’s plan would also specifically target those who access reproductive health and primary care services at Planned Parenthood centers – often the only provider for women in rural areas. This policy is illogical, and it’s inexcusable.

I’m dedicated to finding a solution that provides affordable, quality healthcare for everyone. To me this isn’t a political issue; it’s the right thing to do. And, I know it will make our community stronger and more resilient.

To do this, we must fight not only for universal insurance coverage, but also to ensure that people have access to those covered services, a growing issue in rural communities. If Faso had his way, thirteen hospitals in our district would lose millions in funding necessary to keep families healthy. Tens of thousands of good, stable healthcare jobs would be at risk. I will fight for programs that support our rural hospitals and explore innovative approaches to address workforce shortages in underserved areas.

The health of our community is at risk. I’ll fight tirelessly to protect the health and economic security of every individual in this district.

Education and Workforce Development

My mom was a Kingston Public Schools teacher for 30 years, and she taught me the link between quality education and a thriving community. The better the schools, the stronger the local economy. The stronger the local economy, the more opportunity young adults will have to remain in the area and raise their own children.

Every child deserves a world-class education, and I’ll fight to make that a reality by ensuring our schools have the funding they need and that our teachers have the support they need.

We should also recognize that there are multiple pathways to building a future. Mine was to go to West Point and serve in the Army. Some may choose to attend a traditional four-year college, while others may choose to learn a trade through a job-training program.

After I returned from Iraq, I started a job-training program for veterans to learn the skills they needed to be competitive in the tech industry. We need more programs like this, that partner with private industry, to ready our workforce for the changing global economy.

No matter what type of higher education you pursue, we cannot allow costs to be as burdensome as they’ve become. Rep. Faso recently voted to strip $3.3 billion in Pell Grants, making college even further out of reach. By taking actions like protecting funding for Pell Grants and expanding loan forgiveness programs for those who serve their communities, we can make higher education an option for everyone.

Energy and Environment

I grew up hiking the Catskills and running the Hurley Rail Trail, and I want to ensure my family has the same opportunities I had to enjoy the district’s natural beauty. We rely on our environment not only to provide clean air and clean water for our kids, but also to sustain tourism – generating good jobs and allowing small businesses to succeed.

When Rep. Faso voted to overturn the Stream Protection Rule, allowing coal companies to pollute our waterways, he voted against the interests of his constituents and endangered our natural resources. We need a representative who will fight for us, not for big coal.

We should embrace clean energy solutions to both reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and create good jobs in the district. This is the first step to combatting the increasing threats of climate change. As a player on the global stage, America must be a leader on protecting the world we leave behind for our children. Our planned exit from the Paris Climate Accords is a betrayal of future generations, and we must elect a representative who will fight for bold and practical climate solutions.

Combating the Opioid Crisis

The opioid epidemic is the most urgent public health crisis facing our district. I’m committed to working with those on the front lines to halt this epidemic that is tearing apart families and destroying lives.

During a visit to Columbia County, I met a police chief who has made significant strides in making his community safer. He opened up his department so that it served as a safe space for individuals with addiction to start on a path to recovery and dedicated officers specially trained to combat the issue. We should look to leaders like him for examples of ways we can help the growing number struggling with addiction and crack down on suppliers to get these destructive substances off our streets.

Keeping America Safe and Secure

From North Korea to Afghanistan to ISIS, we are facing complex challenges across the globe – and we need a steady hand to steer the ship.

But President Trump’s dangerous, impulsive rhetoric is putting the lives of our troops and countless civilians around the world at risk. He is undercutting our alliances and aggravating rogue states. And at every turn, John Faso has been silent about Trump’s warmongering – an unforgivable failure.

War must always be the absolute last resort. I’ve been on the receiving end of the decision to go to war, and there’s nothing I take more seriously.

We need members in Congress who can speak with experience and authority on matters of national security – issues that have been the primary focus of my career. We must pursue diplomacy and economic sanctions before resorting to war. As the most wealthy and powerful nation in the world, America has a responsibility to make our world more peaceful.

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