Meet Pat

Pat was born and raised in Kingston, New York, where his family has lived for generations. Pat’s father runs a small business in Kingston, and Pat’s mother taught in Kingston public schools for nearly 30 years. Inspired by his family’s example, Pat has always felt called to serve the community that has done so much for him and his family.

After graduating with honors from West Point, Pat served two combat tours in Iraq, including a tour as the lead intelligence officer for an infantry battalion of 1,000 soldiers and officers responsible for ground operations in Mosul. After leaving the military with the rank of Captain, he continued his service to the nation in the technology sector by tackling a problem he experienced on the battlefield.

Pat Ryan with his wife, RebeccaPat started a small business that deployed cutting-edge data analytics software to our troops on the front lines to ensure every patrol going into harm's way had the best possible information about threats and risks. In just a few years, Pat grew the small business from 5 to 150 employees, over half of whom were veterans.

During this time, Pat also earned his Master’s in Security Studies from Georgetown University and met his wife, Rebecca, who also grew up in the Hudson Valley. Rebecca and Pat live in Gardiner, New York. 

At a time when government is paralyzed by political gridlock, Pat is running for Congress to restore a sense of service to Washington. He will draw upon his job creation experience to spur economic development and deliver real results for hardworking families in the community and across the nation.


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