Born and raised in Kingston, I’ve always felt called to serve the community that has done so much for me. That’s what led me to West Point, and guided me through two combat deployments in Iraq. It inspired me to start a small business that delivered better technology to our troops overseas, creating over 150 tech jobs for transitioning veterans.

This community has always had my back, and we deserve a representative who will have ours. I'm running because now more than ever, we need new leaders who understand what it means to serve country over party. I'm running to fight for everyone in this district, from working families to small businesses; to empower this community to thrive. 

I know that if we focus on solutions instead of partisan politics, we can revitalize our economy --  by providing workers with the tools they need to compete through more skills-based training programs, reinvesting in our infrastructure, and increasing economic security by providing quality and affordable healthcare for all.  That’s what’s at stake in this campaign, and I’d be honored to have you with me.

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